Rife Guide is the ultimate Guide to what’s happening in Bristol for 13-24 year olds. Look for things to do and places to go. Discover jobs and opportunities. Get help and support. This is your Guide.

Find out about what’s going on in Bristol for you. You can search or use the filters to locate activities and events that you’re interested in, and there’s a tonne to choose from. From youth groups, networking opportunities, sports sessions, art classes, courses, studio time, advice sessions and so much more. Pretty much all of these events are free, too.

It can sometimes feel like a real struggle to find meaningful and worthwhile jobs and work experience, but now you can find a load on Rife Guide. Our Jobs and opportunities section is the place to find valuable work experience, non-academic courses, internships, volunteering opportunities, apprenticeships, funding and entry level roles in the creative industries. While we think all young people should be paid for their work, especially when internships seem more like a job, any opportunities on this section that are unpaid we've personally vetted as seeming like a genuinely great opportunity. So, what are you waiting for?

Finally, if you need any help, guidance and support, it’s important to remember that there are loads of organisations and charities in Bristol that have you covered. Take a look at the ‘Get Advice’ section to find over 200 places in Bristol that can provide you with specialist support. Whether you need contraception, to speak to a counsellor, help to find employment, advice about homelessness, places to learn new skills – you name it, we’ve got it. So take a look.