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Lawrence Hill Health Centre

Sign up to the 4YP C-Card scheme and collect free condoms with your C-Card

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Long Description

Long Description

If you're under 25, you can sign up to 4YP's C-Card to claim free condoms and get confidential sexual health advice.

When you register for a C-Card, you'll have a confidential chat with a trained worker, who will show you how to safely use a condom. They won't tell your parents or guardians that you've visited - even if you're under 16. They are there to answer your questions about sex and relationships, give you advice and keep you healthy. At the end of the chat, you'll be given your free condoms.

Once you have a C-Card, the next time you need condoms you can just pick them up for free by showing your C-Card. You can pick up free condoms up to ten times before you need to get a new C-Card.


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