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The Stokes Senior Night

Come and hang out every Thursday from 7-9pm at The Stokes youth centre.

When Is It?

Thu 14 September
19:00 - 21:00

What Is It?

Long Description

Come and hang out with friends at The Stokes every Thursday. We make food, get involved in creative projects, play video games and sometimes make music.

If you're into sports, take advantage of the sports hall, or practice your skills on the bouncy castle.


Making Friends Youth Club

What Age?

Age Range
From 11 To 18

Where Is It?

Address 1
The Stokes, Little Stoke Lane, Little Stoke
South Gloucestershire
South Gloucestershire
BS34 6HY

Who To Contact?

Contact Name
Dylan Barker
How To Get In Touch

Give us a call, drop us an email or just come along on the night.


Is It On Again?

There are currently no upcoming scheduled repeats