Borderlands Bristol

Created by National Citizens Service Published on 10 August 2016

A brilliant group of 16 and 17 year olds from Bristol are raising awareness of the charity Boderlands Bristol, as part of their Nation Citizen Service.

NCS is a once in a lifetime experience, where teenagers embark on exhilarating challenges and build skills for work and life. I’ve been speaking to Maddy and Kathleen who are working in a group to deliver their own social action project, planning and fundraising for a charity of their choice- Borderlands. They want to make more people aware of the fantastic work this charity do, and how you can help support it.

Boderlands works especially with refugees and asylum seekers in Bristol, supporting disadvantaged and excluded people to improve their lives and the community in which they live. Borderlands offers hope to people who may see themselves as lost or abandoned and need support to find a way forward. 

They offer friendship, hot free meals, advice and listening support, recreational activities, free English classes, access to medical support, free legal advice and so much more.

Please find out more from Borderlands and donate money, food or time and help those who need it most:

Or donate to Borderlands through the campaign Maddy and Kathleen have set up:


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